Why Don’t Mattresses Have Handles?-Is Company Stop Putting Handles On Mattresses?

Years back, mattresses with handles were pretty common. However, the new modern mattresses don’t support such features. But why don’t mattresses have handles now?

Well, the answer is no rocket science! Modern mattresses don’t require handles because there’s no need to flip mattresses anymore. Recent innovations and the latest mattress designs have eliminated such needs.

Flipping the mattress (even if needed) isn’t much of a hassle for people, so there’s no need for such additions. Want to know more about why the new mattresses lack handles?

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The Love-Hate Relation with Mattress Handles

Mattress handles may not be a usual thing now. But, in the past, they were pretty common to see. These early mattress handles were pretty sturdy.

If you ever moved or had to replace your mattress, you would know how heavy they can be. You could hold the mattress by the handles and move it. It made it easier to hold onto the mattress instead of struggling for grip.

But over time, mattresses, in general, grew larger. And naturally, that meant they also got heavier. And along with this, manufacturers also started to cut costs and handles suffered the most here.

Brands and companies gradually started making cheaper and cheaper handles. And when a customer used these handles to move the mattresses or pulled on them, they would simply start to rip.

As you might imagine, this was a bad experience for the customer. And, it’s pretty safe to assume that it would also negatively impact the brand image.

Imagine you buy a brand-new mattress. But the moment you try to move it with the handles, it just rips. What was the solution? Well, it was to remove the handles completely.

What Was the Original Use for Mattress Handles

Here’s the interesting bit, though. If you dig a bit more, you will come across many people saying that the actual intention of these handles was never to help in moving. Rather, they were meant to be used for adjusting the mattress on the bed frame.

This is a pretty viable argument. Since modern mattresses are so heavy, this would make sense. If you’re just using the handles to make minor adjustments when it’s on the bed frame, you won’t cause that much strain.

But unfortunately, that isn’t how most people use it. It’s tempting to just grab a mattress by the handles when moving. Especially since they can be so heavy, and that’s how we ended up with this trend of seeing fewer and fewer handles on mattresses.

Do Mattresses Really Need a Handle?

If you’re bumped about mattresses not coming with handles anymore, don’t be. Modern mattresses don’t need it that much. Say we agree that the handles were there to flip the mattress on the bed frame or adjust it.

But modern, high-quality mattresses don’t need to be flipped that often anymore. For example, a latex or memory foam mattress needed to be flipped. This was back in the day and was done to spread out the wear and tear.

Recent innovations and better production quality sort of eliminated this need. In fact, most mattresses are now designed to be single-sided. And it’s recommended not to flip them.

The bottom of the mattress is a thick and firm layer. This is made from springs or dense foam. And on the upper level, you’ll find more foam layers depending on your mattress’s firmness level. The top is designed for people to lay on it.

And if you flip it, you won’t be using the part where you’re meant to lay on. So, flipping modern mattresses is counterintuitive. That’s another reason why handles aren’t that necessary nowadays.

how to carry a mattress without handles?

How to Carry a Mattress?

Alright, so flipping isn’t an issue with newer mattresses. But what about when you’re moving and need to carry your mattress? Surely the handles would have made it easier, right? Well, as we said, the handles weren’t designed for carrying. Here’s a better way of carrying your mattress without the handles.

You can use a strap under your mattress. That’ll give you a much better grip. You can cover the mattress with plastic wrap and fold it in half. And then, use a strap or rope to make sure it doesn’t open up.

Here are some helpful tips when moving a mattress:

●       Plan it out – Before you fold it up and start carrying, map out the route, you’ll navigate through the house. That’ll make it easier. You don’t want to decide while you have a heavy mattress on your hands and shoulder.

●       Lift with your legs – This tip will help you when carrying anything heavy. Always keep your back straight and lift with your legs. You’ll drastically reduce the chance of injury.

●       Coordinate with your moving buddy – If you have help when moving (which you should), always coordinate your movements with them. Talk out loud and say where it needs to go and what turns you and they need to take.

Regardless of these tips, we don’t recommend you try to move a heavy mattress all by yourself. It’s a good idea to have at least two people move the mattress. And the best option is to have professional movers help you.

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Calling for Professional Help

If you’re moving, then it’s always a good idea to call a professional moving service. They’ll know exactly how to handle heavy mattresses and all other heavy furniture you might want to relocate.

It’s safer than taking the risk of moving it all by yourself. And since these guys are pretty experienced – it’s their job to handle that– and you can be pretty sure that your mattress is in safe hands. There’s always a slight chance you might damage your mattress if you do it alone.

Wrapping Up

So, after going through this write-up, you should now have a clear concept of why don’t mattresses have handles. However, if you still have a mattress with handles, we think it’s time to go for a new one.

And new mattresses aren’t expensive, and you can easily choose your desired mattress with advanced comfort features and support. So, if you want some good and relaxing sleep, getting a new mattress without handles can be the ultimate solution here.

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