Why Are Latex Mattresses So Expensive?-Is It Best Mattress?

Mattresses are used on top of the bed as a support system for your body. When it comes to finding comfort, people around the world have been using foam, latex, innerspring, airbed, and such. Do you know that latex mattress are one of the most durable, but why are latex mattresses so expensive?

The craftsmanship that goes behind making a latex mattress is very time-consuming and labor-intensive, which eventually brings up the cost. Moreover, latex is a natural rubber substance produced by handpicked manufacturers; thus, it is expected to be expensive. 

In this article, we will talk about latex mattresses, their advantages, and their disadvantages. We will try to showcase why the price is more compared to other variants. To know more, please continue reading.   

What Is Latex Mattress?

Most of the high-quality organic mattresses that you see are made from latex. Latex beds were first introduced by Dunlopillo during the 1900s, and from then onwards, it has become a staple in high-end beds. 

Latex is a form of material that is derived from a rubber tree. The outcome and the composition of latex vary depending on the type of tree. These rubber trees are mostly found in South America but are also available in the South Asian regions. 

A mattress with latex composites is known to be more responsive and bouncy compared to memory foam beds. Regular latex beds are made using latex sheets, whereas the hybrids are fitted with springs for better overall support. 

Types of Latex Used in Mattresses

  • Dunlop

This latex is worked out in a single mold, solid on the base and softer on the top end. With the heavy end, this latex variation is mostly used as a support system rather than a comfort layer. 

  • Talalay

This latex is less dense compared to the Dunlop variant. Using a partial molding technique, this version is given a softer appearance. Talalay latex is mostly used to layer comfort areas rather than supporting zones. 

Why Are Latex Mattresses So Expensive?

When it comes to durable mattresses, there is hardly anything better than latex. It is one of the comfiest options for bedding and has been acknowledged by many. Some people keep asking why the price of a latex mattress is so high. Well, there are a few good reasons behind it; let’s figure it out. 

The Natural Latex Itself Is Costly

As you already know, latex is derived from a rubber tree. Although it’s not rare, most manufacturers don’t work with latex. Those who offer latex beds usually charge pretty high.  

Harvesting the latex from the tree and crafting it into a final product is time-consuming and requires good labor. As for latex beds, good quality bedding will comprise pure latex materials and very few mixtures. The more the latex percentage, the higher the price. 

Many mattress makers offer synthetic latex beddings, which are comparatively cheaper than natural latex material. The synthetic formula is not going to be as hard-wearing as natural latex. So if you want something durable, we suggest you pick a mattress made with natural materials. 

The Making of Latex Mattress Is Very Complex

Isn’t it obvious that the more labor work, the higher the expenses? Yes, this is what contributes to the hike in latex mattress pricing. Extracting the latex substance from the tree and then making foams out of it is time-consuming. 

It needs a lot of handy work and skills to craft latex. The making cost is pretty high and therefore the surge in the overall price. There are two types of techniques used in latex beds. One is the Dunlop process, which is easy to create and offers a solid base. 

The other is the Talalay technique, which promotes a softer outcome. Workers who work on Talalay latex know how energy-consuming it can be to create a fine outcome. So, it is safe to say that the making cost adds to the final price.

Durability Assurance Comes at a Price 

Whenever you purchase a product, durability is what comes to your mind at first. A long-lasting item is what everyone desires, and when it comes to mattresses, then latex beddings are second to none. Latex mattresses are known for their hard-wearing properties, meaning they will last longer than any regular mattresses

Putting it head to head with other products, you will certainly benefit from latex. In general, an innerspring bed functions for up to 7 to 10 years, a memory foam mattress can last for 8 to 10 years, whereas a latex mattress will give you service for 15 to 20 years. 

Manufacturers made sure that the price is right for this durable material, which can be termed expensive. A positive side of this expensive purchase is that once you get a latex mattress, you won’t have to change or repair it anytime soon. 

Organic Latex Needs Supervision

Manufacturers have now come up with organic latex mattresses, which are different from natural latex. What is organic latex? Well, this is pure 100% latex that is extracted without the use of any pesticides. 

This process has to be supervised by a monitoring body, and therefore, you can imagine its importance of it. You can expect an extravagant rate when you come across an organic latex mattress.  

Why Purchase Latex Mattress

Why Are Latex Mattresses So Expensive

The most common mattress material you’ve heard about is probably memory foam. Today we are talking about a costlier material known as latex. Does have a high price, but it comes with numerous benefits. This is what you can expect from latex bedding. 

  • Environmentally Friendly

If you are an environmentally conscious person, then a latex mattress is the way to go. It is eco-friendly as the main source is a tree. Unlike other materials, natural latex mattresses are derived from plantations. The trees are not cut; rather, they are tapped to extract the latex. 

The trees can be tapped without any disturbance, meaning they continue to take in CO2 and release O2. On the other hand, organic latex is extracted under the supervision of a certified organization. This process does not include any addition of synthetic fertilizers, so it is pretty safe for the environment. 

Latex is also a biodegradable material, which aids in curbing waste and consumption.

  • Provides Comfort

Talk about resilience; a latex mattress certainly boasts this feature. It can be soft, but it does have a resisting power to keep the body properly aligned. Latex mattresses are known for relieving the pressure points in your body. 

Unlike memory foam or air beds, it is very useful in supporting your back, neck, and shoulder. When you lie down on a latex mattress, you will enjoy a soft touch with a sinking feeling, but don’t worry; your body will still be buoyant and have enough support to rest on. 

Latex is known to have natural springiness to it, making it super cozy.  

  • Durable and Long Lasting

If you are seeking durability, then there is nothing better than latex mattresses. It is considered one of the most heavy-duty mattresses out there.

In comparison to memory foam, airbeds, and others, a latex bed will give you longer service life. Latex mattresses are known to surpass the lifespan of regular mattresses by 5-10 years. 

  • Safe to Use

Sleeping on chemically treated materials is considered unsafe. A latex mattress is different because it does not contain petroleum, adhesives, or harmful chemicals like other mattresses. Latex also has a natural fire-resisting property.

What’s important is that latex is also resistant to mites; it has antibacterial properties to fight hypoallergenic reactions. All in all, latex beddings are considered safe to use. Even most doctors nowadays recommend latex mattresses to tackle health issues.

  • No Unwanted Movements

Air beds tend to move from side to side because they don’t have motion isolation capability. A latex mattress is something that stands out in this case. It has decent motion isolation ability, keeping the mattress in position even if you turn and move a lot. 

This is well suited for a shared bed, where the body movement chances are pretty unpredictable. Here a latex mattress can keep the bodies secured and the mattress unmoved. 

Credit: Soma Organic Mattresses

  • Not Smelly

Off-gassing is a common occurrence within mattresses. This is when the bed releases a chemical-like odor, which can be very unpleasant. The smell of latex beds is pretty low; even some beds have no smell at all. 

Synthetic latex beds can emit a 10% chemical smell, which is pretty low compared to a PU foam bed. Moreover, the smell is considered un-offensive when it comes to Organic mattresses as there is little to no smell. 

Some Drawbacks of Latex Mattress

With all the beneficial properties of a latex mattress, it also has drawbacks of its own. Many people have preferred to stay away from latex bed underlayment because of the reasons provided below. 

  • Comparatively Costly

This is the ultimate reason why many people shy away from latex beds. Latex mattresses are expensive compared to memory foam or innerspring beds. We have provided the reasonings for the price hike in this article, so you might have to go through it again in case you forgot. 

If you are unwilling to spend extra money on a mattress, then a latex mattress is not for you. In such situations, you might want to check out an airbed or regular memory foam mattress.  

  • Can Leave Imprints

Body imprints on latex mattresses are a common issue. It usually occurs when one or two people constantly sleep on a particular surface. Although these imprints won’t interfere with the comfort level, they can sometimes trouble your body movements on the bed. 

  • Hybrid Latex Mattress Traps Heat

Previously we stated that latex has an open cell structure; thus, it provides excellent ventilation, which is true. Then why are we talking about heat? It is simply because hybrid mattresses with latex and other materials can give you unwanted results. 

A natural latex mattress or an organic one will keep your body cool, but hybrids are not guaranteed to give the same result. It can heat the bed by absorbing your body heat. 

Are Latex Mattresses Worth Buying?

Yes, a latex mattress is superior in every way. When it comes to comfort and support, you will be satisfied with latex bedding. Not only is it soft, but it will also support your body better than most mattresses. It is super durable and will take weights at will, giving you a long-lasting bed. 

Another good thing about a latex bed is that it is considered a cool mattress, meaning your body won’t be hot even if you use it extensively. Latex mattresses have an open cell structure that offers proper ventilation, whereas memory foam is known for its heat-trapping dilemma. 

We strongly believe that it is worth buying a latex mattress. Even Though it is expensive, you will cherish a lot of benefits. Those who don’t want to splash the extra cash can enjoy other variations like the innerspring, hybrid, airbed, etc. These are decent options as well. Moreover, it all depends on how you maintain the mattress.


Latex mattresses have been a favorite for those who cherish luxury. It is a top-tier addition to any bed and can make it look appealing. Not only the outlook, it feels very snug as well. With all the positives, one question bugs most people: why are latex mattresses so expensive?  

It is costly because the manufacturing process is very labor intensive and time-consuming. Not to forget, the latex substance that comes from a tree is worth a lot. The excruciating process of constructing such mattresses has to be taken into consideration; therefore, it comes at a higher price. 

Do we recommend a latex mattress? Yes, we do. They are durable, long-lasting, and extremely comfortable. If you have the budget to purchase one, then why restrict yourself from cherishing the benefits?  

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