How To Find The Perfect Mattress- Everything You Need To Know!

You need to consider your body type, sleeping posture, and any medical issues that may influence your decision to pick the perfect mattress. It is also crucial to evaluate your sleeping preferences and the type of mattress that matches your demands.

Once you have narrowed down your choices, test the mattress in-store or at home. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, as many stores offer personalized guidance to help you find the right mattress. If you’re buying online, check the return policy and warranties.

Lastly, staying within your budget and ensuring you’re comfortable with the price is essential. Continue reading to learn how to choose a mattress and the most important factors to consider during the purchasing process.

What Types Of Mattresses Are There?

Before you start searching for the perfect mattress, you must understand the different types of available mattresses. The most common types of mattresses are mentioned in the following table.

Mattress TypeFeaturesPriceWho It Is Good For
InnerspringDurable, supportive, and budget-friendly; coils provide good body conforming and motion isolation$600-$1,100Back and stomach sleepers, people on a budget
Memory FoamPressure-relieving, and motion-isolating; contours to body shape for optimal comfort$900-$1,300Side sleepers, people with pain or pressure points
LatexResponsive; bouncy and cooling; natural materials$1,600-$2,000All sleep positions, eco-conscious shoppers
HybridCombines coils and foam layers for support, comfort, and motion isolation$1,500-$2,000 All sleep positions, people with back pain
AirbedAdjustable firmness and support; allows you to customize sleep position$2,000-$2,400People with chronic pain, people who share a bed
Waterbedfilled with water, providing a unique sleeping experience$600-$2000Great for those who suffer from chronic pain, as the water helps to evenly distribute body weight  
GelOpen-cell structure$1000-$2500Suitable for side and back sleepers and people who overheat at night

The best mattress for you will depend on your individual sleep needs and preferences.

How To Find The Perfect Mattress?- The Facts You Need to Keep in Mind

Here are the considerations for choosing the right mattress.

Sleeping Position

Sleeping Position

Different sleep positions require different levels of support and comfort.

  • Side sleepers should look for a softer mattress that cushions your hips and shoulders but is firm enough to keep your spine aligned. Memory foam mattresses work well for side sleepers, as they conform to the body and provide targeted support.
  • Back sleepers should look for a burlier mattress to keep their spine aligned. If a mattress does not give adequate support, the hips and torso may slump excessively into the bed, which may cause back pain.
  • Memory Foam or latex mattresses are often a good choice for back sleepers.
  • Stomach sleepers should look for a mattress that is medium-firm, as a softer mattress can cause the body to sink too far in, which can lead to back and neck pain. Memory foam mattresses work well for stomach sleepers as they provide enough support.
  • Combination sleepers benefit from a medium-firm mattress. A medium-firm mattress will support back and stomach sleepers while still being comfortable for side sleepers. Latex mattresses are often a good choice for combination sleepers.

Mattress’ Firmness

Mattresses are typically rated on a scale from 1 to 10, with one being the softest and ten being the firmest. Choosing the right level of bed firmness is essential for providing the right level of support and comfort.

A mattress that is too firm can cause pressure points and lead to discomfort, while a mattress that is too soft can result in poor spinal alignment and distress.

Firmness ScaleFirmness LevelBest For
2Extra SoftLight Side sleepers
3SoftLight Side sleepers
4Medium SoftLight Side sleepers
5MediumAll body types
6Medium FirmHeavy Side sleepers over 210 pounds
7FirmAverage to heavier back sleepers
8-9Extra FirmHeavy Back and Stomach sleepers

Consider other Mattresses Features

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Apart from the mattress’ type and firmness, there are other factors you should consider. They include-

  • Comfort Layer: This is the top layer of foam or fibers that provide cushioning. It’s essential to ensure the comfort layer is thick enough to provide the necessary support and cushioning. Look for mattresses with at least 3 inches of comfort layer material.
  • Support Layer: This is the foundation of the mattress. It’s essential to ensure the support layer is made from high-quality materials, such as coils or foam.
  • Edge Support: Look for mattresses with reinforced edges to ensure you don’t feel like you’re going to roll off the bed. Innerspring and hybrid mattresses are typically the best at providing good edge support.
  • Durability: Mattresses can last anywhere from 5-10 years, depending on the type of mattress and how well it’s cared for. Innerspring and hybrid mattresses are typically the most durable, while memory foam and latex mattresses tend to be less durable.

Body Weight

Heavier people need firmer mattresses to support their body weight properly. Softer mattresses are too soft for heavier people and can cause aches and pains in the morning.

Sleeping Body Temperature

Some people tend to sleep hotter than others. If you are one of these people, look for a mattress designed to be cooler, for example, you need a gel mattress. If you have body pain when sleeping, it may be less severe while you’re warm.

In this case, an innerspring mattress or memory foam may suit you because they retain heat throughout the night. You can also get a heated topper.

Health Conditions

If you have any health conditions that a traditional mattress could exacerbate, you should look for one specifically designed to provide more support. For example, people who suffer from back pain and joint pains should invest in a medium-firm mattress such as memory foam.

Also, look for a hypoallergenic mattress made of materials known to be breathable, as this can help reduce the risk of allergies or skin irritation.

The Budget for Buying Mattress

Mattresses can range from relatively inexpensive to extremely costly. So it’s essential to determine your price range before you begin shopping.

Remember that the most expensive mattress isn’t necessarily the best one. It is necessary to find the right balance between quality and price.

Test the Mattress Before You Buy

When it comes to finding the perfect mattress, there’s no substitute for trying it out. Most mattress stores will let you try out the mattresses in their showroom, so take advantage of this opportunity.

Spend 10 minutes lying on the mattress in your preferred sleep position to understand how it feels.

Look for a Warranty

Ensure you look for a mattress that comes with a good warranty. Most mattresses come with a 10-year warranty, but some brands may offer more extended warranties of up to 25 years.

Ask for Recommendations

You can read online reviews from other customers to ensure it’s the right one.

Don’t be afraid to ask the sales staff at the mattress store for their recommendations. They are often knowledgeable about the different mattresses and can help you find one that fits your needs and budget.

People Also Asked :

Which mattress do hotels use?

There are many different types of mattresses that are used in hotels, and the specific type of mattress used can vary widely depending on the brand and specific location. Some hotels may use traditional innerspring mattresses, while others may use memory foam or latex foam mattresses. Some hotels may also use air mattresses or hybrid mattresses that combine different types of materials. It is also possible for a hotel to have a range of mattress firmness options available for their guests to choose from. 

How long does it take to adjust to a new mattress?

 The amount of time it takes to adjust to a new mattress can vary widely depending on the individual and the specific mattress. Some people may adapt to a new mattress more quickly than others, and the firmness of the mattress can also play a role. It is generally recommended to give a new mattress at least a few weeks to allow your body to adjust.

Is it OK to sleep on a brand new mattress? 

It is generally safe to sleep on a brand new mattress as soon as you bring it home. Most mattresses are made with materials that are safe for sleeping and will not off-gas harmful chemicals. However, it is possible that a new mattress may have a slight odor when it is first removed from the packaging. This is usually due to the materials used in manufacturing and should dissipate within a few days to a week. 

Does a box spring make a mattress more comfortable?

A box spring is a bed foundation designed to support a mattress and provide additional comfort and support. The box spring is typically placed on top of a bed frame and under the mattress, and it helps to distribute the weight of the mattress and the person sleeping on it more evenly. This can help to reduce pressure points and make the mattress feel more comfortable.


How to find the perfect mattress is a matter of research. Start by understanding your sleep needs and deciding on the right mattress type. Then, test out the mattress before you buy it and ensure it fits your budget.

It’s also important to consider the size of the mattress. Ensure you measure the size of the bed frame and the space in your bedroom before shopping. You need so many things to consider because it’s a long-time investment and impacts your health over time.

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