Does Bed Frame Affect Mattress? A Comprehensive Guide

The short answer to do a bed frame affect a mattress is yes. Bed frames play a significant role in keeping the mattress in place and providing refreshing sleep. Additionally, mattresses can weigh around  50-150 pounds, so the only thing stopping them from drooping is a quality bed frame.

Apart from the aesthetics, the dimension of the bed frame is equally important. You must keep the dimension of the mattress picture-perfect with the bed frame. You will lack stability with it and, as a result, lack sleep.

The perfect bed frame and mattress surely have a huge impact on your sleep. There are things to be explained to understand the context clearly. So without any further ado, let’s dig in deep!

The Importance of Bed Frames

The importance of bed frames is often overlooked. This is not only the thing that lets you sleep above a certain height from your floor. You won’t believe it, it’s way more than that. Here are the factors;

It Saves You From Fungus

The bed frames are created so that ample air can flow smoothly. So when you sleep within your mattress that is floating over the frame, all your sweat gets absorbed. The sweat piles up and turns into fungus when stored for a long time.

Thankfully, with a bedframe, the mattress gets to breathe properly, and all the potential fungus is eliminated. You won’t be spending 6 hours with them anymore.

Provides Firm Support

If you have come across a fragile bed frame, you’ve undoubtedly experienced sagging. When the bed frames are unable to support the weight of a mattress, this unfolds. Because mattresses are heavy, the bed frame needs to be sturdy enough to support them.

Alternatively, you would be trending down, which is bad for your health. Your central body will be sagging, while your head and feet will be on a flat surface. It’s a very bad posture for your sleep.

With a strong frame, it can withstand a heavy mattress. As a result, giving firm support to the mattress, which then supports your back.

Does Bed Frame Affect Mattress Performance?

Does Bed Frame Affect Mattress Performance

With a mattress that promises comfort,  you might not get that comfort without a bed frame. A bed frame significantly affects mattress performance. As mentioned before, a mattress and bed frame are like bread and butter. They aren’t complete without one another.

With an excellent bed frame, the mattress gets enough support from the frame to reinforce your sleep. Therefore, every inch of the mattress is utilized properly.

On the other hand, a bad bed frame wouldn’t be able to do the same. As a result, even with a fine-quality mattress, you won’t be able to utilize it fully.

Things to Consider Choosing the Right Bed Frame for Your Mattress

When choosing the right bed frame for your mattress, things can get tricky. Well, we have covered the factors that you should take into account when buying a frame to get the most comfortable and relaxing sleep. So let’s have a look at it.


When choosing the material, it has to be durable. Otherwise, you will need to change the frame more often than the mattress itself. Additionally, the material is also responsible for providing firm support to the mattress.

You have two options here; metal and wood. These two are on the top regarding durability. You will come across plenty of options regarding the material, but it’s best if you stick with these two for durability.


Out of every factor, the most concerning factor is its size. A bigger bed frame will lead to the slipping of the mattress and pillow, whereas a small one will lead to the mattress tumbling down.

Thus, take precise measurements of your mattress by;

Weight-Holding Capabilities

We know it’s been mentioned several times here, but it’s actually that much important. With a weak frame, the mattress will droop and result in unhealthy sleep. So it’s important to make sure the frame is strong enough to hold the mattress without bending even by a bit.


It’s vital to ensure traction control in the bed frame to achieve stability. The bottom surface part of the frame should have enough traction.  Or else, you will find out the bed is shaking, even with some little movements.

In terms of traction control, solid woods are the best option. You will find no movement of the bed at all with this material.

Type Of Bed Frames

There are several bed frames available in the market. Yet, it comes with different perks. We thought instead of knowing the type of bed frames in-depth, knowing their perks would give you a better idea. So here’s a table that will help.

Type Of Bed FramePerks
Trundle bedCompact
Divan frameUltra comfortable and have the choice to have built-in storage
OttomanMore storage capacity than Divan
CanopySustain the warmth

These are the most common bed frames available. So get yourself one that suits your needs.


To conclude, you must be surprised to know how much does bed frame affect the mattress. People often overlook the bed frame and prioritize mattresses over everything. Well, they should not be neglected as they are equally important for good sleep.

Nevertheless, always make sure the material you choose from is wood or metal. These two are known for their durability. Lastly, don’t make the mistake of making your bed frame not the same size as the mattress. You will lose sleep every night.

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