How To Make Your Mattress Firmer? Learn The Most Compatible Ways!

Among the ways you can make your mattress firmer is by adding a topper and regularly flipping it. Also, installing a new bed frame and slats can improve its firmness by discouraging sagging. If your mattress is still within the trial period, swap it with a firmer one.

Sometimes, the environment will influence the firmness of your mattress, which you can solve by adjusting the room temperature. Also, air dries it in the sun when it feels too soft to evaporate excess moisture and improve its firmness.

Read on to learn the various ways you can improve the mattress’s firmness and which is compatible with you.

What Mattress Firmness Is Compatible with Your Sleeping Style?

Various things determine how firm the mattress should suit you and provide comfortable sleep. Among these things, your body weight and your sleeping style are included.

The table below shows different mattress firmness levels, compatible sleeping styles, and recommended weights.

Mattress’s Firmness on a scale of 10Compatible Sleeping styleCompatible weight
Half Medium (3 on the firmness scale)Compatible with side sleepers as it will release pressure and support the spineLess than 130 lbs. (59 Kgs)
Medium (5 on the firmness scale)Best for combination sleepers because it provides comfort in that position and relieves pressure130 lbs. – 230 lbs. (59 – 104 kgs)
Mid Firm (6.5)Best for back sleepers as it provides extra spinal support130 lbs. – 230 lbs. (59 – 104 kgs)
Firm (7.5)Compatible with stomach sleepers because it allows alignment of the body parts in that position230 lbs. and above (104 Kgs)
Extra Firm (9+)Compatible with back sleepers, especially for a person with a back injury, and is not supposed to curve230 lbs. and above (104 Kgs)

How To Make Your Mattress Firmer?

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Mattress experts suggest you lie on the mattress for at least 15 minutes at the store to test its firmness before buying. This helps you take home a mattress whose firmness you’re sure about.

However, due to some different reasons, not everyone can manage to experiment. Sometimes the store may not allow, or you may not have the luxury of time to do all that. Therefore, some end up picking a mattress with incompatible firmness. Luckily, there are ways to improve your mattress firmness, as listed below

1.     Through Maintenance

Following are some maintenance tips to improve the mattress’s firmness.

  • Air the mattress

Airing the mattress, especially under direct sunlight, can improve its firmness. You’ll evaporate the moisture that could’ve developed from sweating and humidity. Other than that, airing also discourages mites and other infestations.

  • Regularly Flipping or Rotating The Mattress

As you sleep in a position on the mattress, it becomes soft on that part. Rotating it will allow the softness to spread evenly and prevent sag. Rotate or flip the mattress one or more times in two months to keep it firm.

  • Control Temperature and Humidity

Mattress, especially that made from memory foam, is much affected by temperature. It will get softer if in a room with a high temperature.

Also, high humidity makes the mattress softer, especially when it’s more than 60%. The temperature should be between 60°F and 68°F for it to keep firm.

  • Replace Layers

Some mattresses have multiple layers that are replaceable once they become damaged. If your mattress is multi-layered and supports that repair, replace the worn-out layer.

2.     By Improving The Surface

Following are some ways you can improve firmness by improving surfaces.

  • Add Plywood Under the Mattress

Adding plywood under the mattress can help improve firmness. The plywood will ensure that it supports your body evenly by discouraging some parts from dipping under and sagging.

You can also use an MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) sheet instead of plywood which is thicker and more comfortable. However, if you use this method, you should regularly air the mattress to discourage mold.

  • Use a Topper

Toppers come in different textures and can be used on top of your mattress to improve its firmness. They’re made from memory foam, wool, latex, and other materials to provide the desired firmness.

  • Keep Beddings Tight

Keeping the mattress’s surface tight using the bedding can also make it firmer. Use tightly fitted sheets or mattress covers to provide extra pressure and keep it firmer.

  • Put the Mattress on the Floor

An even surface like the floor can also improve the mattress’s firmness. This surface allows it to spread evenly and discourages bending on the edges or sinking in the middle.

  • Change the Bed Frames

A bed frame supports the mattress by holding it together, which is why if it’s uneven, it can affect firmness. The bed slats should also be in good shape, especially if they’re wooden.

The mattress should fit the bed and not roll over the side rails or the footer. A bed with high side rails and footers can improve firmness by holding it together.

3.     Other Options

Following are some more options if the ones above didn’t improve your mattress.

  • Replace If Still on The Trial Period

Unlike local stores where you can try the mattress before buying, you can’t in online stores. Therefore, they give you a trial period within which, if the mattress doesn’t suit you, you replace it.

According to the sleep foundation, the trial period can be between 90 and 120 nights, and sometimes just 30 nights. You can swap the mattress with a firmer one that will suit your sleeping style. However, avoid soiling the mattress, as some stores will not accept it.

  • Buy A Firmer Mattress

If the above options don’t help solve your case, or your mattress is too damaged, you can always buy a new one. This time you should pick a firm one fit for your liking.

However, before replacing it, you should consider improving the bed or buying a fitting one. Also, monitor the room temperature after buying it to maintain its firmness.

What Are the Advantages of a Firmer Mattress?

What Are the Advantages of a Firmer Mattress

According to WebMD, 80% of the U.S. population experiences a type of back pain. While there are many causes of the pain, mattress and sleeping positions are among the culprits. A very soft mattress can hurt your back, and so can a firm one, which is why most people prefer mid-range.

Both firm and soft mattresses have various advantages depending on the users’ requirements. The advantages include:

  • A firmer mattress allows the spinal cord to align while you sleep by discouraging sinking. If some parts are sunken while others aren’t, you can develop back pains when sleeping.
  • When the mattress is firm, there is minimal stress on the muscles. The bones absorb pressures that would have stressed the muscles and reduced circulations.
  • The bed’s firmness also improves oxygen intake during sleeping by keeping the lower back on level.
  • A firmer mattress can support more weight, which makes it more comfortable for heavy people.

What Qualities Should an Appropriate Mattress have?

A perfect mattress should hold your body in a natural position without straining your body parts. Other qualities of a suitable mattress include

  • The mattress should reduce pressure on your body parts
  • It shouldn’t cause back pains at night
  • The mattress should maintain firmness even after exposure to sweat or moisture

People Also Asked :

What happens if your mattress is too soft?

If your mattress is too soft, it can cause Lack of support.A mattress that is too soft may not provide enough support for your body, leading to discomfort and possibly even pain.

How often should a mattress be replaced?

The general guideline for replacing a mattress is to do so every 7-10 years. However, the actual lifespan of a mattress can vary based on factors such as the quality of the mattress, the amount of use it gets, and the weight and sleeping habits of the person using it. Some mattresses may need to be replaced after just a few years, while others can last much longer.

Are hotel mattresses firm or soft?

The firmness of hotel mattresses can vary, as different hotels may use different types of mattresses with different firmness levels. Hotels often use medium-firm to firm mattresses in order to appeal to a wide range of guests, as these mattresses provide a good balance of support and comfort for most people. 

Can heavy people sleep on soft mattress?

Whether or not a heavy person can sleep comfortably on a soft mattress will depend on a variety of factors, including the specific type of mattress, the person’s body type and sleeping position, and their individual preferences.

In general, a medium-firm to firm mattress is likely to be more supportive and comfortable for a heavy person.

Bottom Line

Mattress textures matter when determining the quality of sleep. While a soft mattress favors some sleepers, a firmer one is compatible with most. Unfortunately, as the mattress wears, it loses its firmness and invites various problems, including back pains. Luckily, using the provided options, you can improve its firmness and reduce the problems. If unsuccessful, buy a new mattress that suits your desired firmness and maintain it. Also, follow the table above to learn the compatible one according to your sleeping style and weight.

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