Why Does It Feel Like My Mattress Is Moving?-How To Solve This?

What if you are sleeping peacefully and suddenly realize that you are slipping off the mattress? Did it ever happen to you? If yes, then don’t worry, because this is a frequent occurrence and can be solved. Now to the main question: Why does it feel like my mattress is moving? 

It could be your mental condition/sleeping disorders that are provoking a feeling as if the bed is moving beneath you, or it could be the damned bed that is troubling. In most cases, the improper framing, mattress size, and lack of gripping ability between the frame and the mattress are to be blamed.

In this article, we will talk about the possibilities that can make you feel like the mattress is moving, plus we are going to jot down the solutions as well. Keep reading.

You Might Have a Sleeping Condition

Is Something Wrong With You? Could be! Sleeping disorders and mental health are prime causes of this particular moving sensation. Most people will tag these behaviors as seizures or night tremors. Here you are probably the one causing the mattress to shift position, and the bed is not to be blamed. 

Don’t blame yourself, either. You are not alone in this. A hefty number of the population faces such health conditions. Some common disorders that can partake in moving the bed are given below.

  • Periodic limb movement disorder
  • Parasomnia, like REM sleep behavior disorder
  • Twitching, also known as Restless leg syndrome
  • Breathing problems while sleeping, known as Sleep apnea

What’s the Cure?

To make your bed stop making unwanted movements, you will need to cure your health issues at first, if you have one. We suggest you stop experimenting and treating yourself without knowing the main reason. What we mentioned above are a few common occurrences, but your case could be different. 

It’s best to talk to a doctor if you are feeling any discomfort in your sleep. Let them diagnose you and give you the treatment. Sleeping disorders can be cured under professional guidance. Once you are mentally and physically stable enough, your bed won’t be moving. 

Why Does i feel movement on my bed of a night?

You might not have any mental or physical condition but still feel that the mattress is moving under you as you sleep. This is because your mattress or bed frame is doomed. You’ve probably set it incorrectly, or it might simply have shortcomings that need some improvement.

Here are some well-known reasons behind sliding mattresses:

Why Does It Feel Like My Mattress Is Moving?

Aging Mattress

Everything wears out with time, even humans. So why can’t a mattress go bad as it ages? Well, it does. Bedding structure and mattress can deform and weaken over time. The deformity on your bedding frame can make it expand or constrict, making the mattress hard to fit or too loose to deal with.  

Mattresses are prone to wear and tear. As time goes by, it will accumulate a lot of external fluids from the body, oils, sweat, and whatnot. Even dust and debris can partake in ruining its integrity. 

As these elements accumulate and keep building up on the bed surface, there is a huge possibility that you may find yourself waking up in discomfort on such mattresses. Uneasiness, body pain, uneven bed surface, squeaks, and creaks are some common signs that your bed has aged. 

Using a mattress over 10 years is not recommended. It should be good for seven years and tends to go bad after that. You can expect movements from an aged mattress. 

Lack of Friction

This is probably the top reason behind mattress movements. Without enough friction, the bedding is going to go haywire and slide sideways even with your body weight on top of it. 

Mattress materials are a prime cause of this issue. Some materials are too smooth to be embracing the bedspring, making them slide here and there. In most cases, latex foams and memory foam are known for this abrupt behavior. Their traction is pretty less; therefore, they don’t stay in place. 

When you purchase a mattress, most of them are covered initially. The material on that cover can be concerning. Some people prefer not to tear off the plastic protective cover that wraps the mattress, even after purchase.

The wrappings are meant to be taken off; if you miss out on that, the bed will be erratic. We have faced this particular problem. Once the plastic wraps were removed, the mattress was super stable. 

Mattress Size Doesn’t Fit the Frame

The bed frame is what holds the mattress in place. If the mattress you bought is bigger than the frame, it will be impossible to fit it. What we discovered is that most people end up with smaller mattresses and later complain about the sliding issues. 

Well, the mattress size compared to the bed frame will surely unsettle the mattress. In this case, the bedding will shift toward the edge, and you will end up complaining sooner than later. Take, for example, fitting a queen-size mattress on a king-size bed. The queen mattress is 16 inches shorter in the horizontal dimension. 

That gap is big enough to make the mattress slide toward the empty spaces. We advise you to get a mattress that is destined for your bed frame, nothing short, nothing too big.

Supporting Frame Is Too Large

Just like you can make a mistake by bringing in a shorter mattress to fit in a bigger frame; similarly, you can do the opposite. Purchasing a mammoth bed frame can be a critical issue causing the movement. If your mattress doesn’t fit well on the frame, it will move, quite obviously. 

The supporting frame could be uneven in many cases, which can lead to further discomfort.[SM1] 

Bed Without Railings

A railing-less bed looks pretty attractive, but it can be a reason the mattress is moving erratically. Beds without railings mean there is no side boundary to hold the mattress. Here the mattress is free to move and tip off the edge.

Aesthetically the railings can be a little overpowering to some people, but these components are what lock the mattress and curb the movement. We ask you to get a bed that has a frame size suitable for your mattress, and most importantly, it has to have fencing to provide stability. 

Things You Can Do to Minimize the Mattress Movement

  Add Velcro Strips On Your Mattress

As you might already know that Velcro tapes are very useful in attaching various materials. Here Velcro can work wonders to hold the mattress in a stable position. Use strips on the top and bottom sides of the mattress and on the surface of the corresponding frame and let it sit.

Get A Rubber Pad

Credit: Ensley Fairfield Mattress Company

A non-slip pad placed between the frame and the mattress can stop unwanted sliding. Try to match the pad size with the mattress. Trim the sides of the rubber pads if they overshoot in length, or simply lay down the rubber pads near one another if the length or width falls short. 

Keep the Mattress Clean

As we mentioned, the mattress will catch a lot of debris and body fluids over time. So it is wise to keep them clean. Vacuum out the specs from the surface so that the mattress remains pristine. Shabby beds are known to slide too often. And regular maintenance can work magic. 

Fill the Gaps Using Fillers

If you have a smaller mattress than the frame itself, the mattress will move. To fill the gaps, you can use mattress extenders. They are available on the market and can be a worthy way to fill up the loopholes and withstand movements.

Replacing the old mattress with a new one can work as well. 

Add Railings

Last but not least, you can shy away from the aesthetical aspect and add railings to your bed to stop the mattress movements. This is not the most eye-catching solution, but it can certainly be a handy one.


Why does it feel like my mattress is moving? Well, if you are here, then you already know the answer. The reason behind mattresses moving can be either the improper sizing of the mattress or the frame. Whenever there is less friction between the two sides, a mattress will slide. 

Another cause can be your health issue. In that case, have a doctor recommend the treatment for you. If you feel like the mattress is the culprit, just get it changed. Adding rubber pads and Velcro strips in between the bed and mattress can solve things in seconds.

Get hold of the bed. Sleep happy, sleep tight.

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