Can Two Adults Sleep On A Full Mattress? – Best Bed Size For Two Grownups!

A full mattress is the best choice for single sleepers. But can two adults sleep on this bed size? The answer is yes. However, a full mattress can only sleep two adults that are petite in size and love to snuggle a lot. This is because the bed barely offers about 27 inches of room for each person, leaving little space to spread out.

Additionally, because the mattress is only 75 inches long, it can only fit adults under 6 feet tall. So, what is the best mattress size for two adults, and is a full mattress too big for one adult? Keep reading to find out all you need to know about the minimum bed size for two persons.

Full Mattress Features Comparison Table

Before we find out whether or not two adults can sleep on a full-size mattress, let’s check out its features in brief.

Size54 inches by 75 inches (W X L)
Personal space27 inches
How tall of a person can it fitUnder 5 feet 9 inches
Surface area3,975 square inches
Bedroom size it can comfortably fit10 x 12 square feet
Best forSingle sleepers or two petite adults
Credit: US-Mattress

Can Two Adults Sleep On a Full Mattress?

Yes. In fact, up until the 1950s, full mattresses were explicitly made for couples. This was before the introduction of the queen and king mattresses.

However, this mattress is best suited for a single adult since it only measures 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. Therefore, two adults may find it uncomfortable to sleep on this mattress, especially if both or one of them:

  • Like to spread out or change positions
  • Sleep hot and must maintain some distance
  • Don’t like snuggling
  • Is over 6 feet tall

That said, two adults can still sleep on a full mattress if they are petite. The mattress leaves each adult with around 27 inches of personal space. So, two grownups with bigger body sizes may not fit on this bed.

When Sleeping on a Full Mattress for Two Adults is Preferable

You can still get a full mattress for two adults to sleep on when the:

1.     Sleepers Are Intimate

A full mattress is best suited for two adults who are intimate and like to cuddle. The bed is sure to provide enough space to sleep and curl up. 

2.     The bedroom Size is Small

A full mattress boasts a surface area of about 3,975 square inches. Therefore, it does not occupy much space in the room like a queen bed. So, if your bedroom is small, you should use a full mattress instead. This will ensure you have extra space to add an accent chair, nightstand, or dresser.

3.     Have a Tight Budget

You should go for a full mattress if you don’t have the money to get a queen or king mattress. The size difference makes the full bed relatively cheaper, including the bedding.

4.     Adults Are Non-Active Sleepers

This mattress does not offer enough space for two adults to spread out as they sleep. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for partners that are non-active sleepers and can sleep the entire night without interchanging positions.

How Tall Of A Person Can Sleep On A Full-Size Mattress?

A full mattress is 75 inches long. Therefore, the bed can fit anyone under 6 feet tall since 75 inches equals 6.25 feet. In other words, if the adults are 5 feet and 9 inches tall, the mattress is sure to leave sufficient legroom.

However, how tall a person can sleep on a full mattress also depends on the sleeping style of the two adults. This is because most people don’t sleep fully stretched. Therefore, even 6-feet tall people can fit on this mattress.

What Is The Best Mattress Size For Two Adults?

What Is The Best Mattress Size For Two Adults?

While a full mattress can sleep two petite adults, it may feel too cramped for most people. So, the best mattress size for two adults or couples is a standard queen bed. This is sure to provide the many health benefits of sleep.

A queen mattress measures 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. It is 6 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a full bed. Also, it provides each sleeper with 30 inches of space. Therefore, it can comfortably fit two grownups, allowing them to stretch out and move positions simultaneously.

Is a Full Mattress Too Big For One Person?

The answer is no. A full bed is a perfect size for a single person to sleep on. This mattress offers adequate space for the sleeper to spread out or sleep in different positions with a pet. This makes it an excellent choice bed for kids, teenagers or guests.

Is A Double Bed The Same As a Full-Size Mattress?

Yes. Both mattresses measure 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. Mattress manufacturers often use the two names interchangeably. You see, up until the 1950s, double and twin-sized mattresses were the most popular.

Consequently, manufacturers would use the name full-size to refer to double mattresses. So, double doesn’t mean a full mattress is twice the size of a single or twin bed.

How Much Bigger Is A Full Than A Twin-Size Mattress?

A twin-size mattress is more compact than a full mattress but only in width. This is because it measures 38 inches by 75 inches. On the other hand, a full bed is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long.

Therefore, a full mattress is only 16 inches bigger than a twin bed. This explains why a full-size bed can sleep two grownups, but a twin-size mattress cannot. However, since both beds have the same length, there can sleep people of similar heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can two adults fit on a twin mattress?

A twin mattress is designed for one person, so it may be a tight fit for two adults to sleep on it. It would be more comfortable for two adults to sleep on a big mattress, such as a queen or king size, which is designed to accommodate two people. 

 Can two people fit in a single bed?

Yes, two people can fit in a single bed, although it may be a tight squeeze and may not be very comfortable for both people. It is generally better for two people to sleep in a larger bed, such as a queen or king size bed, to ensure that each person has enough space to sleep comfortably.

 Is a full bed too big for one person? 

It’s generally okay for one person to sleep in a full-size bed. In fact, many people find full-size beds to be comfortable and spacious for a single person. If you’re considering a full-size bed for yourself, you should consider your personal preferences and the size of your bedroom before making a decision. A full-size bed may be a good choice if you have a larger bedroom and like having extra room to move around while you sleep.

Bottom Line

While the full or double mattress is perfect for one adult to sleep on, it can still fit two grownups under 6 feet.

However, this minimum bed size for two persons is only ideal for petite people that like to snuggle. Or adults with a small bedroom and on a tight budget. The best bed size for two adults would be a queen mattress.

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