Why Are Hotel Mattresses So Hard?-5 Simple Tricks for make Comfortable

Imagine going to your holiday destination and ending up in a hotel with a stiff bed. You might opt to change the hotel and move to a comfortable one or just spend the holiday as it is. When we talk about hotels, we have a perception of soft cushy beds. Some hotels are the total opposite. But why are hotel mattresses so hard?

Firm mattresses deteriorate slowly compared to the softer variations. Also, a soft mattress is prone to accumulating body fluids and debris. It will eventually sag faster than you can imagine. A hard mattress, on the other hand, is capable of withstanding indents better than soft ones.    

In this write-up, we will discuss why some hotels have stiffer mattresses and what can be done if you end up in such places. Without further ado, let’s get to the discussion right away.

Why Are Hotel Mattresses So Hard?

If you are in a luxury hotel, chances are there will be soft mattresses for you. If you go to a more commercially active place, then you might find yourself sleeping on a rigid surface. Well, this particular change is mostly for profitable purposes and cherishing a longer service.

Let us break down the reasons for your better understanding of why are hotel beds so hard.

Hard Mattresses Wears Slowly

As we said, adding a stiff mattress can benefit the hotel’s economic condition. How? Well, the answer is they last longer than a soft mattress. As you already know, soft mattresses are prone to attracting body sweat, oils, dust, and other elements; thus, they deteriorate faster. 

Soft bedding will sag and might force the customers to complain about change. So why take a chance? Hotels don’t want to have frequent replacement issues; therefore, they get hard mattresses in huge quantities. 

A stiff mattress is sturdy, long-lasting, and known to take on body weights without getting damaged. 

Rigid Mattresses Retains Less Moisture

You might think that a cushy mattress is more breathable, but it is not. Soft fabric and foam will catch more sweat and dust than a solid mattress. When you sleep on soft bedding, your bodily fluids will get stuck to the surface and even penetrate the inner sides, causing mold buildup with time.

Moisture can lead to mold and mildew formation on a soft mattress, which can cause skin infections and many other diseases. On the other hand, a firm mattress can withstand molds better than its compatriots. Solid mattresses are believed to be more comfortable for people who tend to sweat in the middle of their sleep.  

Hard Beddings Promote Better Body Alignment

One common misconception about hard mattresses is they can hamper your body alignment. You have to sleep in best position. On the contrary, it is what a soft mattress does. The delicate surface of the mattress can be the ultimate reason behind your back ache and all sorts of discomfort. A squashy bed can take a toll on the human spine. 

In comparison, a solid mattress aids the bones by aligning them properly. A solid surface is known to put pressure on the bones rather than the muscles, which is a major advantage in restricting body pains. Firmer mattresses will provide adequate support to a human spine than a soft mattress. 

More importantly, they don’t dip or sink inside immediately like soft ones. However, there are chances that even a hard mattress can come up with King’s ridge in the future. The good thing is that they can be fixed by flipping the mattress or following some other tricks. 

Influenced by Different Cultures

As we said, not every hotel room will have a hard mattress, but some establishments value their cultural aspects and might incorporate that in their hotel rooms. 

For example, Japanese people sleep in futons, also known as “Shikibuton.” It is a traditional sleeping platform that lets people sleep on the floor. It is very rigid compared to memory foam.

To offer a similar experience, some hotels promote semi-hard comfortable mattresses. There is nothing wrong with it. A rigid bed is known to provide a soothing experience to back sleepers. 

Ways to Make Hotel Beds Comfortable

Why Are Hotel Mattresses So Hard?

If you are someone who hates hard mattresses, then this section is for you. Here are some tips that you can apply to make your stay cozier.

1. Ask for Extra Comforters/Duvets

If you are uncomfortable due to bed stiffness, it’s not a bad idea to ask the hotel management or the housekeeper to get you some comforters. Comforters are fluffy blanket-like items that act as the top cover of a bed. They are soft and can provide you with decent comfort for the time being. 

2. Carry Your Own Travel Mattress Topper

If you are adventurous and don’t mind carrying your bedding items, we suggest you get a travel mattress topper. These are excellent items that can offer comfort on the go.

Some hotels might have restrictions, or you might just be unlucky that they can’t provide comforters; this is where your portable topper can help. Get a woolen one for ideal comfort. 

3. Flipping the Mattress Can Work

Some mattresses have varying softness on each side; if that’s the case, the hotel probably has the tougher end. You can ask the hotel service to have it flipped for you and then layer it up with duvets to add more softness. 

4. Warming The Mattress Can Be Beneficial

Sometimes hotels offer heated blankets; you can use that to press on the memory foam mattress to make them soft. Yes, memory foam is known to absorb heat; thus, it can work out. Also, if your room has a heater, just turn it on. A warm temperature can loosen the foam in some way. 

5. Change the Room If Possible

If everything fails, ask the hotel service to give you a different room with soft bedding. The majority of hotels offer upgraded accommodations and amenities; therefore, you might need to spend some cash to get a better sleeping zone. 

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Final Verdict

There are different kinds of hotel rooms with varying comfort levels. If you are a traveler, there is a huge chance that you might enter a hotel where the beds are considerably hard. 

Now, if you ask, why are hotel mattresses so hard? We have to say that the main reason is that mattresses tend to have a longer service life, which aids the hotel’s revenue—no frequent changes, no extra cash splash, as simple as that. 

If you find yourself in a dilemma, just call the hotel management and ask if a room change is possible or just tell them to provide duvets or comforters. Next time you enter a room and see a hard mattress, just be sporty about it and adjust accordingly. 

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