Why My Air Mattress Is Losing Air But No Holes

Temperature fluctuation, overloading, over-inflating, and harsh cleaning procedures are common reasons for an air mattress deflation other than a hole. A continuous deflation may take away your sleep. Significantly,  this is irritating when there is no gross hole.

If your air mattress loses its air, it will destroy your sleep. But with some precise ways, you can fix the issue and take back your rest with comfort.

Hence, walk through the article, and know the possible reasons behind the issue. You will also find the best possible solution to prevent or manage air loss!

Why My Air Mattress Is Losing Air But No Hole: Rationale and Fix At a Glance

Before we dive into the matter, let’s look at it shortly. The following table summarizes the reasons and how to prevent or manage them!

Temperature ChangeInflate at night or lower temperature
OverloadingDon’t put heavier things on the airbed
OverinflationNever inflates to the entire capacity
Improper useTreat the bed carefully
Harsh cleaningAvoid vigorous cleaning
Inferior qualityBuy top-quality beds

What Is An Air Mattress?

An air mattress is an inflatable mattress that can be carried around and packed up. Other names for it include an airbed or a blow-up bed. An air mattress is crafted from rubber, polyvinyl chloride, or urethane plastic with textile reinforcement.

Airbeds significantly reduce the development of pressure ulcers. As a result, It is referred to as an anti-decubitus mattress by medical personnel. Besides, it is the bread and butter to enjoy a great night’s sleep while camping.

The Reasons and Possible Solutions for Air Mattress Deflation Without Holes

The Reasons and Possible Solutions for Air Mattress Deflation Without Holes

If an air mattress deflates only because there is a hole, it is not a big concern. You can quickly patch it. Sometimes,  there is no hole, yet, the air mattress loses air. Here’s why.

Temperature Fluctuations

One of the most frequent reasons for an airbed to lose air, most likely, is a temperature change. The normal physical characteristic of air is responsible here.

Physics says air expands at higher temperatures, whereas it condenses at a lower temperature. So,  an air bed inflates in the morning but automatically deflates at night.


However,  some premium air mattresses have automatic filters that can be replenished. So, whenever the air pressure starts to drop, they can restore their shape by adding more.

Overloading a Low Weight-Capacity Mattress

Air mattresses have a limited capacity to bear weight. Though it varies for different brands, air beds can average handle 280 pounds. The weight limit of your bed is written in the user manual.

If you place heavier substances, they will lose air through valves. And it depends on the weight—the more the weight, the merrier the deflation.


You can put lightweight items on it, like books, without hesitation. It’s not harmful. When you sit on it, avoid the corner. Because sitting in the corner may create a lump there.

Another solution is to opt for high-weight-capacity mattresses. These beds can take your and your friend’s body weight at a time.


Excess inflation of air mattresses is devastating! If you overfill or fill up to maximum capacity, they experience overstress on the seam. Consequently, it may lose air if slight pressure is put on it.


Adhere to the user manual for safety tips. You will find their proper instructions to inflate your blow-up bed. We forbade inflating the mattress more than 90% of its maximum capacity.

Improper Use

The manufacturer knows best about the air mattress they make. So,  they provide a user manual with every bed describing the rules for inflation, deflation,  folding, and so on.


Sometimes, we are too lazy to read that at least once. Consequently,  we break a rule. And suffer from air mattress deflation overnight. So, read the manual before using the mattress. Make sure you use it the correct way.

Vigorous Cleaning

Another crucial element is to clean the air mattress. It requires careful cleaning. But vigorous cleaning may cause small leaks.


To avoid an unfortunate leak, avoid using a stiff brush to remove stains. Plus, overstretching the edges with detergent is also a risky practice; don’t do it.

You can decide right now not to clean it. But it also increases the likelihood of your mattress leaking because the bed’s lining becomes weakened by bacteria and fungus.

So, clean your mattress softly.

Poor Quality

The quality of your blow-up bed makes a difference. Inferior quality beds are available on the market with a low budget. But they aren’t worthy of it. They may lose air for no reason, deflate overnight, and serve you as a flat cloth. Once this happens, cheap quality beds are not covered by warranty service. So,  once lost air, lost forever!


Premium air beds offer bonus durability, better stretching ability, heavyweight capacity, and extra pressure-bearing quality. Most alluring, top-notch air mattress offers warranty service.

Brand New Air Bed

Chances are you’re heading for camping in cold weather. You bought a new bed from the market and went there right away. You’ll be surprised to see your mattress lose air overnight!


This is common in new blow-up beds. Use the mattress 3-4 times when you’re still home before commencing your journey. This will prepare the bed and solve the issue!

Air Seeping

Last but not least, air seeping can be the reason when no other reasons fit. It’s nothing but like a helium balloon. A balloon has no way of leaking. Still,  helium gas seeps, and the balloon deflates over time.

The airbed is alike. It contains air which is a mixture of gases. So,  air may seep if you leave it inflated for a long time.


This is not a defect. Just don’t leave the bed inflated for a long time. Air will not get a chance to seep.

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How To Curb Losing Air From An Air Mattress

The air mattresses are prone to damage over time. You can leave no stone unturned, but no steps can make it eternal. Here we show you some tips only to slow down the process and add longer life to your bed. 

Spend on Air Bed

You cannot deny the fact of the world that the more you invest from your cash, the better quality product you will purchase.

But never hesitate to invest in an air mattress. From rigid covers to extra beauty-will definitely satisfy you.

  • Tips: Consider buying a dual-pump mattress. These mattresses sense leaks and pump air accordingly. Thus, super easy to maintain.

Use Meticulously

Air mattresses are not something ironically robust. So you should be careful. We suggest you to

  • Be aware of the weight-bearing capacity of your mattress. You can learn its ability by going through the manual. Don’t exceed the allowed number of people on your bed.
  • Avoid sensitive materials such as knives, fork scissors, knives, nail clippers, etc., near your bed to prevent any damage to the mattress.
  • Children or adults should not jump or play unduly on the bed, which may cause strain on the mattress fabric and increase the hole risk in the mattress. 
  • Try to lay flat on your bed rather than sitting on it often. Frequent sitting on it may lead to an overpressure in the sensitive seams of the mattress.
  • If you need to use a heater to make the house warm, don’t place it much closer to your bed. Please maintain a safe distance between the bed and the heater. 

Maintain Your Room Temperature

It is expected that your mattress will remain more inflated in warm weather. Air needs less space in cooler weather which will cause deflation to your bed. So be aware of the temperature where you inflate your mattress. And try to maintain this whole night. 

  • Tips: Though it’s hard, deflating your bed in the morning and inflating it again every night is recommended.

Avoid Over-inflating

Though you may think the more you inflate your mattress, the longer it will take to deflate, which looks pretty normal. But here we make a mistake. An air mattress should not be inflated to its whole. You may raise it to 85 to 90 percent. As inflating fully will stretch the outside cover and seams. Which may damage it gradually. 

Stick To The Following Guidelines When Storing

While storing your bed, there are a few simple but essential steps that you should take.

  • Before storing your mattress, deflate it.
  • Fold it carefully and place it somewhere clear, in good weather, without any rocks, pebbles, or other obstructions.
  • To prevent any mistakes, adhere to the provided folding instructions.


Air mattress deflation with no holes is a doubtful matter. Be more explicit about it here.

Q: How to confirm my mattress has no hole?

It’s a difficult task to find a hole in an air mattress, especially if there is no big hole. Sharp needles or pins may produce grossly invisible puncture wounds. Still, you can do some simple tests to confirm the hidden spot.

  • Inflate first, then use a soapy sponge on its surface. Now, search for bubbles. Bubbles produce where there is a hole.
  • Try to listen to the air leakage sound after filling the mattress.

Q: Do all air beds lose air?

Yes, air mattresses are something prone to leak. Air beds may lose air, obviously, if there is a hole. Other than that, several reasons mentioned here may be the culprit.

However, deflation risk is more when you mishandle poor-quality beds. In a nutshell, all air mattresses deflate, but their performance varies from brand to brand.

Bottom Line

Presently, no air mattress is entirely impervious to leaks or punctures. A common query among owners of air beds is, “Why my air mattress losing air but no hole?

Air mattress deflation can occur for various reasons, not just holes. A common cause of air mattress deflation is, for instance, switching from day to night. You now know all the potential reasons air can escape without a hole. Fix it or take steps to prevent it! Good night!

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